Mapefluid N100 SP

Superplasticiser for concrete with a slight retarding effect.


Mapefluid N100 SP is used to manufacture concrete with high fluidity (consistency class S4 and S5 according to EN 206 – 1) and a high performance in service.

Mapefluid N100 SP is suitable for all those applications (precast concrete, pumpable and mass concrete) that require a long period of workability and/or a moderately fast hydration of the cement at early age.

Mapefluid N100 SP is a brown-coloured liquid admixture with a base of active polymers in water solution that disperse cement grains.

Add Mapefluid N100 SP directly into the mixture after the other ingredients (cement, aggregate, water).

Mapefluid N100 SP can also be diluted into the mixing water beforehand, but its superplasticising action is less effective.


0.5 to 1.5 litres per 100 kg of cement.


200 L drums, 1000 L tanks.

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