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    Mapequick AFK 888

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    Mapequick AFK 888

    Alkali-free accelerator for shotcrete

    Mapequick AFK 888 is a liquid accelerator based on alkali-free, inorganic salts developed for shotcrete with a very quick setting time.

    Mapequick AFK 888 is formulated to be used both in dry-mix as well as wet-mix shotcrete spray systems. Because of its absence of alkali, Mapequick AFK 888 does not trigger alkali-aggregate reaction. For this reason

    Mapequick AFK 888 reduces the risk of obstructing water drainage.

    Some applications

    – Securing surfaces during tunnelling;

    – Shotcrete for structural tunnel repairs;

    – Shotcrete applications with high mechanical performance;

    – Shotcrete applications with high mechanical strength (> 40 MPa) for final tunnel lining;

    – Consolidation of rock and cliff-faces.


    From 3 to 8 kg per 100 kg of cement.


    Mapequick AFK 888 is supplied in 274 kg drums and 1288 kg tanks. Bulk quantities are also available upon request.

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