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    Adesilex PG2 SP

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    Adesilex PG2 SP

    Two-component thixotropic epoxy adhesive for structural bonding.


    Color: part A (grey), part B (white).

    Color of mix: grey.

    Final hardening: 7 days.

    Application: flat trowel for float.

    Consumption: 1.50-1.60 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.


    • kg units (Part A = 0.75 kg, Part B = 0.25 kg).

    5 kg units (Part A = 3.75 kg, Part B = 1.25 kg).


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    High-performance, silicone waterrepellent in watery solution for external walls.



    Consistency: fluid liquid.

    Colour: transparent.

    Density (EN ISO 2811-1) (g/cm³): approx. 1.02.

    Dry solids content (EN ISO 3251) (%): approx. 5.

    Dilution rate: supplied ready to use.

    Surface drying time: 1-2 hours.

    Application temperature range: from +5°C to +35°C.

    Cleaning: water.

    Storage: 24 months.

    Application: roller, brush or spray.

    Consumption: 0.2-1 kg/m² (according to the porosity of the substrate).

    Packaging: 25 kg drums.

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    Mapefill GP

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    Mapefill GP

    General purpose non-shrink grout.



    Maximum dimension of aggregate: 1 mm.

    Mixing ratio:

    trowellable mix: 25 kg of MAPEFILL GP with 3.25-3.75 litres of water.

    pumpable mix: 25 kg of MAPEFILL GP with 3.75-4.25 litres of water.

    pourable mix: 25 kg of MAPEFILL GP with 4.25-4.75 litres of water.

    Pot life of mix: approximately 60 minutes.

    Storage: 12 months.

    Application: pouring.

    Consumption: every 25 kg bag of MAPEFILL GP can yield 13-14 litres of grout.

    Packaging: 25 kg bags.